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Camellia City Sun Control has been a family owned and operated home, business and automotive tinting company since 1978.

A retired fireman who had a passion for repairing and restoring classic cars originally started Camellia City Sun Control. At this time, finding someone to provide automotive tinting in Sacramento was virtually impossible. So he ended up installing window film on his own vehicles. Soon his friends and family were asking him to apply films to their cars. The demand became great enough for him to start looking for a shop to do his newly acquired hobby fulltime.
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He was able to find a shop right here where we are today, at the Franklin Business Center, just north of Florin Road. In the beginning, the shop was shared with a glass company, which led to requests for window tinting on homes and  business. The demand kept growing from there.

My wife and I took over the business in 1996. I have been tinting windows since my service ended with the United States Air Force in 1984. I started as a film installer with Security Glass Systems, who were heavily marketing a relatively new film called Armorcoat; one of our safety and security films that we still use today!

I quickly became their head installer, which also included training new installers for dealerships getting started across the country.

Camellia City Sun Control was still growing strong and looking for someone to head their installation department. I came on board with them in 1994. After 2 years of working for the previous owner he made me an offer to take over Camellia City.

Given the potential for the business, as well as my years of experience, I jumped at the chance. However, I knew it would be more than I could handle on my own! I can't thank my wife enough for giving up her twenty years in the graphics business to come and run our front office. She works with customers, handles all the paperwork and even became one of the best installers of auto window tinting Sacramento has to offer. It has been a pleasure working and growing with her for the last fourteen years.

As a family owned business, we can offer a more personalized window tinting experience. Each job is personally inspected for quality and cleanliness. Our installers are personally hired and trained to perform professional installations.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Camellia City Sun Control. We hope it gives you some better insight about how much time and effort we have devoted to our business. For professionally installed, quality window tinting, Sacramento customers can trust Camellia City Sun Control.

Camellia City Sun Control is a California Certified Small Business Enterprise.